Did you know insurance fraud can increase your premiums by $100-200 dollars even if you had nothing to do with it? Unfortunate, but it is the truth. The reason for this is because once an insurance company gets defrauded, the company’s bottom line or “profit” is the first and most important thing that is affected. Every dollar paid out due to fraud is a loss to the company and its shareholders.

Also, one of the primary objectives of a company is to make money and not take losses. With that in mind the first thing a company might do is to try and minimize those cost; if that fails the next viable option would be to try and offset or pass along those costs or losses. In the case of insurance companies, those costs are passed along to us the policy holders in the form of insurance premium increases.

Neinstein and Associates, a law firm in Toronto Canada that specializes in personal injury cases recently published a very detailed article exploring the topic of auto insurance fraud and how it affects drivers their premiums. Within the article, a spokesperson for the Ontario Financial Services Commission was quoted saying:

“Drivers can avoid auto insurance fraud by not using referrals recommended to them while they’re at the scene of an accident, whether it’s legal services, a health clinic or a garage to fix their car”

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Full article: Neinstein “Beware of auto insurance fraud”

Beware of auto insurance fraud