When we created ClaimCast for those unexpected events in life; being one of our app’s first users in a real scenario was not exactly part of the plan. However, Murphy’s law as it would seem is a “law” for a reason and Team ClaimCast is not exempt. It is said that in every unfortunate situation a lesson can be learned and it seems ours could not have came at a better time.

On Tuesday March 11th 2014, The city of Toronto received over 15cm of snow with temperatures dipping down as low as -6 . Fast forward three days to Friday March 14th 2014, the sun is shining outside with temperatures reaching as high as +8. Us up north can sometimes experience all four seasons in a 24 hour period; we know bad weather!

That same afternoon, Andrew (one of the co-founder’s of ClaimCast), had his car parked on his driveway, just like every other day. However, on this particular day, the unexpected happened. A large chunk of ice slid off the roof of his home and fell right on top of his car, crashing through his roof and windshield.

Andrew car 1

Life without ClaimCast can be tough; Andrew found that out the hard way.

    1. Andrew’s first action was to take pictures using his phone, however he was unsure about what to capture and felt uneasy knowing the risk of missing something critical.

    2. Next using a notepad, he tried to take down any relevant notes. Again, not knowing exactly what to collect was a big problem and barrier to getting things done fast and correctly.

    3. He also contacted his parents to also let them know what happened. They were asking a lot of questions regarding what happened and what information he documented.

    4. Andrew then had to call his insurance agent to report this incident. Andrew had to first explain what happened verbally, then was required to fill out a ‘more information’ form. This was very redundant and it can be difficult at times to give an accurate recollection based on memory if the information he took down on his notepad was not sufficient.

    5. Andrew was also responsible for getting quotes from local auto body shops regarding the cost of repairing his wind-shield. Andrew had to first look up the companies on the web, investigate their services and experience and get their contact information. Upon calling multiple shops, he had to explain his situation over and over again, collect and compare the quotes and then finally call back the shop he wanted to do business with. Not only it was a huge waste of his time and energy, it was also aggravating for him. He was finally given an estimate of $500 for repair.

At this point Andrew thought he was in the clear and it would be smooth sailing moving forward. However, he was in for a big surprise. He was soon contacted by the repair shop and was told his NEW estimate was $4200 for the repairs. Take it or leave it. If Andrew decides to not to do business with them he would have to pay to get the car towed again to a new destination. Any pictures or details the current shop is in possession of would not be released to him therefore leaving him to recollect imagery to obtain any new quotes.

People are given minimal knowledge and choices when an accident occurs which leads to time, money and energy being wasted on a process that could be handled faster and better. The main problem is that there are no clear set protocols or procedures for a person to follow.

Ask yourself: What do you do if ice falls off from your rooftop onto your vehicle?

Well now you can Keep Calm & ClaimCast.

If Andrew had ClaimCast, life would have been so much easier and less stressful. Andrew would have been able to collect pictures, videos, and other critically relevant geo data in a matter of seconds. In his case, the app being able to collect information, like the weather patterns, would be key as that data will be helpful when validating his claim. Due to the it being so warm that day, all the ice and snow that accumulated on the roof of Andrew’s home from the storm three days before started to melt and simply fell off.

After collecting the information, Andrew would have been able to generate a report which could be shared with his insurance agent to start his claim. Andrew could have also shared the report with his parents so they could be informed and up-to-update on the situation.

Lastly, Andrew would have been able to post pictures of the damage with a quick description to ClaimCast Connect to get his car fixed asap. His request would have been sent to multiple local auto body shops around him; their quotes would then be sent back to him for review, making the process quick and painless. Now he can confirm who wants to do business with before the car leaves his possession without even leaving the comfort of his home. Most company’s know that once your vehicle is in their possession, you are essentially at their mercy.

This could have happened to anyone of us, but we were able to tell you the story first hand so that you can all be prepared by just downloading ClaimCast onto your Smartphone. ClaimCast acts as a helping hand throughout the entire process ensuring you know what to capture, how to claim on the go and who to connect with in the event of an accident.

To help, we are giving away a free iPhone 5S preloaded with our app, the contest end April 11, 2014, to enter visit: http://claimcast.com/

Andrew car 2

Andrew car 3