Submitting a claim to your insurance company can sometimes be a scary thing, however; this not the case for everyone. There are people that like to bend the rules and try to outsmart the system; we will refer to them as the “bolder” among us. Usually we only hear about the big multi-million dollar cases of attempted or successful shady claims by these bolder individuals. This ties in perfectly with the piece released on insurance fraud; view the infographic below to see some smaller yet equally audacious and strange claim attempts. Take a look at some of culprits that contribute to the increasing of your premiums; the creativity of these individuals will surprise you and also give you a good laugh.

As humorous as the infographic may be, insurance claims are no joke. Use ClaimCast to help simplify the claiming process to help increase your chances of the claim being honored by your insurer. Use the app to ensure you know exactly what details to capture by following our guided process to collect all critical information required to complete your claim. Next, simply generate a claim report with the collected information and privately share it directly with your insurance agent. That’s it, your agent will take care of the rest. Now you can focus on resolving or repairing your issue by using ClaimCast Connect to discover and hire local professionals such as lawyers, contractors and other service providers.

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