On Tuesday, June 17th 2014, the Ontario community of Angus was hit by a devastating storm; a truly unfortunate and unpredictable event.

A excerpt from an article published by CP24 stated the following:

“A swirling mass of thunder and lightning blew out windows, tore up fences and sheared off the tops of some homes. Police said at least 20 to 30 homes sustained “significant damage” in the community about 100 kilometres north of Toronto”

Severe weather goes hand in hand with living in North America; it’s not a question of IF bad weather will be experienced but rather WHEN and HOW bad. The notion of not being prepared is always the matter at stake, for example, think about what happens after the storm has passed and damaged has been done, questions that come to mind are:

  • Who is at fault?
  • What details will you have to capture and share with your insurance company to file a claim?
  • How will you get repairs done?

The list goes on, and with no clear set of steps to follow, a person can be left confused, panicked, and vulnerable. Avoid post accident stress by being prepared with ClaimCast, the accident resolution app that helps you in three simple steps:

Capture: is a guided process that will help a user collect: pictures, videos, weather patterns, witness statements and much more live from the scene. The process changes to adapt to different types of accidents.

Claim: is a secure communication system that will help the user generate a claim report from the captured information; then send that report directly to the claims department of the users current insurance company.

Connect: is a network of certified professionals that a users can connect with for repairs. Find insurance approved or a private company to help resolve your issues.

Next time you find yourself in an accident, remember to Keep Calm & ClaimCast.

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