The Company
ClaimCast is an agile, cutting-edge software company based in Toronto that specializes in creating unique user experiences. The solutions developed by ClaimCast address real life situations and make living in the real world easier for people especially in their time of need. We also help companies operate with greater operational efficiency by providing workflow automation tools; thus catering to both personal and business needs.

ClaimCast provides proprietary technology that easily integrates with mobile devices and automotive vehicles; with the capabilities to intuitively assists people in the event of an accident and connect them with local services for help. ClaimCast simplifies the accident resolution process by: making claims related information understandable, automating intake procedures; and making the resources and people needed to resolve any accident and file a claim easily accessible.

ClaimCast is located in the heart of Toronto at 10 Dundas St E within Ryerson’s Digital Media Zone and partnered with Ryerson Futures Inc.