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Severe weather hits Angus Ontario

On Tuesday, June 17th 2014, the Ontario community of Angus was hit by a devastating storm; a truly unfortunate and unpredictable event.

A excerpt from an article published by CP24 stated the following:

“A swirling mass […]

Helpful Tips: What not to do at the scene of an accident

3 things you should not do at the scene of an accident.

Female vs Male Drivers

Male vs female competition has been around since the dawn of time. Who is stronger, smarter, faster, wealthier and the big one- who is a better driver?

We are all familiar with the feeling […]

Shady Insurance Claims

Submitting a claim to your insurance company can sometimes be a scary thing, however; this not the case for everyone. There are people that like to bend the rules and try to outsmart the […]

Unfortunate situation or product validation?

When we created ClaimCast for those unexpected events in life; being one of our app’s first users in a real scenario was not exactly part of the plan. However, Murphy’s law as it would […]

Insurance Fraud and You.

Did you know insurance fraud can increase your premiums by $100-200 dollars even if you had nothing to do with it? Unfortunate, but it is the truth. The reason for this is because once […]

Insurance experts advise to “Document Damage Quickly”

In December of 2013, CTV news published an article titled “Ice storm insurance claims: Document damage quickly, expert advises”. The reason this was published was because that same month, Toronto experienced it worst ice […]

How smartphones are being used to save lives

It was reported that at the end of 2013, there were 1.5 billion smartphones active worldwide. That’s an average of 1 phone for every 5 people on earth. There has never been a time […]

Chances of an unusual accident happening

Did you know the odds of you being involved in a serious automobile accident are 1 in 152? We all fear unpredictable situations like that, even worse, those less practical ones like getting struck by lightning […]