The App

Available on iOS – The mobile app provides clients a visual step-by-step experience in creation and submission of a claim (First Notice of Loss / First Notice of Incidient).


A central location within the app for critical insurance information; Insurance slip, vehicle information and other forms of documentation.

The Dashboard


  • Claims Dashboard for managing incoming claims data. Receive real-time alerts and automate categorization
  • Manage photos, text, other media securely from the client to share directly to your claims management systems or other third parties
  • Cross platform, cloud based for easy access when you need it
  • Communicate

  • Instant message (IM) with the client to provide confirmation of claims submission and progress updates
  • Coordinate with Virtual Departments and routing to ensure claims are sent to the appropriate department
  • Promote

  • Promote to clients directly using updates and tips. Ex. New quotes, Company changes, and much more
  • Increase customer loyalty and awareness. An informed client is a happy one!
  • Analytics & Reporting Tools

    ClaimCast keeps ongoing analytic report running; the information is sourced anonymously from users and is only for location and accident types purposes.

    The data is presented in a easy to interpret fashion showing things like recurring trends in incidents, hazard areas based on frequency and can also provide a deeper sense of how different types of weather can influence certain types accidents.